Where WRAPZ differs from other products is by offering a system that provides adequate compression yet retains a consistent fit and allows the user sufficient mobility."

-Brett Mendal, Training & Conditioning


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What Is WRAPZ®?

WRAPZ® began as a vision of professional athletes and renowned sports medicine experts who wanted a more effective, therapeutic method for relieving muscle and joint pain. Their collaborative efforts resulted in the design of this revolutionary high performance cold/hot therapy system. WRAPZ® combines unique high tech fabrics and ergonomic designs to maximize compression, comfort, fit and functionality. Today, WRAPZ® is widely used by a variety of medical professionals, such as team trainers, physical therapists, and othopedic and rehabilitation specialists, as well as professional and amateur athletes.

Our revolutionary compression WRAPZ® feature a unique multi-fastening Velcro system to keep its cold/hot pack securely in place while giving you freedom of movement. The waterproof, breathable stretch fabric provides compression and comfort for fast, effective relief of pain and swelling. Please follow instructions when using your WRAPZ® therapeutic sport wrap for best results.

Why Use WRAPZ® for Cold Therapy? Top

The application of cold to a trauma injury causes blood vessels in the affected area to "constrict," or become smaller. The constriction of the vessels will reduce the blood flow to the affected area, thereby reducing the amount of internal bleeding and swelling. Cold therapy also numbs nerve endings in that area, temporarily reducing pain. Generally, Cold Therapy is most effective when applied within the first 72 hours after the injury. Burns (i.e. frostbite) may occur if cold therapy is not used properly. Do not apply the WRAPZPAK directly to the skin. Temperature sensitivity varies among individuals, user discretion is advised. WRAPZ is a convenient substitute for ice in situations where cold therapy is recommended. Consult a medical professional before using Cold therapy.

Why Use WRAPZ® for Hot Therapy? Top

The application of heat causes blood vessels in the body to "dilate," or become larger. Hot therapy may be used to relieve muscle spasms and relax muscles. Because Hot therapy increases blood flow to and from the injury, increased oxygen is supplied to the surrounding areas, aiding in tissue repair. Hot therapy is also an effective method of decreasing joint and muscle stiffness, and increasing the flow of intra-joint lubrication.
CAUTION: Heat should never be used to treat a "trauma" injury within the first 3 days.
To prevent burns, skin should remain comfortable, warm and pink during the heat treatment. WRAPZ are a convenient alternative to electric heating pads and hot water bottles.
Consult a medical professional before using Hot therapy.

Why is WRAPZ® perfect for constant treatment? Top

Contrast treatment is the alternating uses of Cold and Hot therapy. Switching between Cold and Hot therapy yields the benefit of both treatments, and many chronic injuries respond well to contrast treatment. WRAPZPAKS can be used for both Cold and Hot therapy, making WRAPZ well suited for contrast treatment. Consult a medical professional before using Contrast treatment.

How long should I apply cold or heat? Top

Cold/Hot therapy should only be applied for a 20 minute period before allowing the body to return to its normal temperature. A regimen of 20-minutes on, 20-minutes off, 20-minutes on is ideal! The application of cold or heat in increments longer than 20 minutes provides no further benefit and may actually reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. The negative reaction is called the "rebound effect." For example, after 20 minutes of Cold therapy, the body reacts as if it is freezing and responds by pumping more warm blood to the afflicted area. This, in turn, increases swelling and/or bruising.

Why WRAPZ®? Top

WRAPZ products provide a convenient, reusable, no-mess method of providing Cold/Hot therapy. The WRAPZPAK is a non-toxic gel bag which can be placed in either the freezer for Cold therapy or microwave for Hot therapy. The unique ultra-gel remains flexible even when frozen. This enables the WRAPZ to conform to your specific body part. Unlike neoprene, the WRAPZ omni-directional stretch fabric allows your skin to breathe, while remaining waterproof should you use ice in the WRAPZ rather than the WRAPZPAK . This high-tech fabric is then combined with medical-grade elastic, hook-loop closures and ergonomic designs to optimize compression, comfort, fit and functionality.

Today, WRAPZ is widely used by a variety of medical professionals such as team trainers, physical therapists, and orthopedic and rehabilitation specialists, as well as professional and amateur athletes. So, for relief of muscle or joint pain, KEEP IT UNDER WRAPZ.

NOTE: Cold and heat treatment are intended only to temporarily reduce pain.
Use WRAPZ only as directed after consultation with a medical professional.