Where WRAPZ differs from other products is by offering a system that provides adequate compression yet retains a consistent fit and allows the user sufficient mobility."

-Brett Mendal, Training & Conditioning


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call: 800-BUY-WRAPZ (289-9727),
Mail to: WRAPZ, INC.,
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Tim GroverChris CheliosScottie Pippen


"I have found WRAPZ to be very useful in pre and post conditioning. It is very convenient, easy to use and a great time saver. They have become a vital tool in all of my programs."
- Tim Grover, Sports Enhancement Specialist, ATTACK ATHLETICS Clientele has included Alex Rodriguez, Charles Barkley, Michael Finely, Simeon Rice, Hakeem Olajuwon and many other NBA, NFL and MLB players.

"I am very enthusiastic about endorsing the WRAPZ product line. I also look forward to a long and propitious future with WRAPZ."
- Chris Chelios, All-Star Defensiveman, Future Hall of Fame Hockey Player

"I look forward to working with WRAPZ and endorsing their great line of products."
- Scottie Pippen, Six Time NBA Champion

"Chances are any sports injury leaves you ... on the couch with a packet of frozen peas bandaged to your swollen ankle... a new product called WRAPZ can keep you out of the frozen section."
- John Lehrer, Outside Magazine

"WRAPZ has proven to provide excellent cold therapy by giving an even cooling without damage to the skin, as well as allowing our patients the chance to remain mobile while icing."
- Pat M. Nolan, Owner/Director Vail Center for Physical Therapy

"I'm proud to be a part of an exciting company with an ingenious product needed by nearly everyone. WRAPZ versatile, functional, and attractive design will appeal to people who live for sports; to people who don't know how they survive them."
- Holly Hoting, Investor/Financial Planner- London, England

"We have been using the knee and shoulder WRAPZ in our clinic for several months. Both clinicians and patients like the concept of the WRAPZ. It contours nicely to the body part applied to."
- Mark Tolle, A.T.C./R, Caremark Physical Therapy

"My son, Kent, is a gymnast and had an injury that prevented him from moving his elbow more than 30 degrees. He went to a physical therapist who introduced him to WRAPZ, and he immediately loved it, so I decided to buy one. After a week of using an Elbow WRAPZ Kent was able to move his elbow and went on to compete in regionals that week."
- Ken Kucera, Sales- LaGrange, Illinois

"I used WRAPZ to recover from a shoulder injury and it worked wonders. Thanks WRAPZ for getting me back to the game I love."
- Heather Hafner, Pro Beach Volleyball Player

"WRAPZ is a high performance product which incorporates a sporting mentality and durability to what traditionally has been a medical product."
- John Mortimer, Sports Shop News

"Response to WRAPZ among both sports buyers and consumers has been overwhelmingly positive. What impresses people most is a demonstration of how well it works."
- Patrick Netter, Exercise for Men Only

"I love my knee WRAPZ- I can't live without it!!"
- Karen Short, Network Engineer New London- Connecticut