Where WRAPZ® differs from other products is by offering a system that provides adequate compression yet retains a consistent fit and allows the user sufficient mobility."

-Brett Mendal, Training & Conditioning


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call: 800-BUY-WRAPZ (289-9727),
Mail to: WRAPZ, INC.,
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What is WRAPZ® advantage over the competition?

No “competitors” offer a product with the full range of benefits offered by WRAPZ: medically recommended, easy-to-use, comfortable, reusable, adjustable compression, hot-and-cold treatment, multi-fastening Velcro system, and a waterproof-breathable stretch fabric. WRAPZ® is truly in a league of its own.

Why are WRAPZ® more effective than similar products?

WRAPZ® uses a unique breathable and waterproof omni-directional stretch fabric, which contains a thin film between the two layers of nylon spandex blend. This film has millions of micropores, too small for water droplets to pass through but just large enough for evaporated sweat to be wicked away. Additionally, WRAPZ® products are manufactured with medical grade elastic hook and loop fasteners. All of these components are hand sewn into the highest quality product on the market.

Why are WRAPZ® better than ice or a heating pad?

WRAPZ® are designed for active people. With WRAPZ®, plugs, outlets and dripping water are eliminated. It is the easiest go-anywhere anytime COLD/HOT sports therapy product on the market.

How do I know the right size WRAPZ® for me?

Sizes for the Knee, Ankle, Wrist and Elbow style WRAPZ® are based on height and weight guidelines. The Back WRAPZ® sizes depend on waist measurements. The Shoulder, Neck and Multi Purpose WRAPZ® are one size fits all. All size recommendations are listed on the product information card and on the product pages for each individual WRAPZ® products.If you are still not sure or on the border for size guidelines? Call and talk with a WRAPZ® customer service representative at 1 800 BUY WRAPZ® (289-9727) – We are happy to help!

How tight should I wear my WRAPZ®?

WRAPZ® are designed to provide proper compression to the sore or injured area. This compression, in conjunction with the cold/hot therapy, provides pain relief and helps reduce swelling. Adjust your WRAPZ® so that it is snug but not impairing circulation.

My muscles are always sore in the winter. Is there anything for me?

When temperatures drop, muscles take longer to warm up. By heating your muscles before partaking in strenuous exercise (especially outside), you can reduce your chance of injury. Try a Back or a Knee WRAPZ® for starters.

My wife and I both use Knee WRAPZ®, but are different sizes. Could we get away with just one?

WRAPZ® are custom designed to fit the individual. To get maximum Cold/hot compression get the WRAPZ® that fits you.

How long will it take for my WRAPZPAK® to get cold?

WRAPZPAKS® will be frozen in 2-3 hours, depending on your freezer. For optimum performance it is recommended that you freeze your WRAPZPAK® overnight.

Why does my WRAPZPAK® sometimes take more than 2 hours to freeze?

If your WRAPZPAK® is placed in the freezer door it will take longer to freeze. For best freezing, place your WRAPZPAK® flat on the lowest part of your freezer. Additionally, do not stack WRAPZPAKS® in the freezer as this will slow the cooling process.

How long does the WRAPZPAK® stay cold?

The WRAPZPAK® once inserted into the WRAPZ® will stay cold for 1-2 hours. If you need it to remain frozen longer check out our WRAPZtote®, a flexible, lightweight nylon cooler designed for keeping your WRAPZ® cold for up to 15 hours. It is the perfect accessory for athletes and busy people on the go!

How long will my WRAPZPAK® stay hot?

The WRAPZPAK® will remain warm for 30-45 minutes, but the WRAPZPAK® can be easily reheated in the microwave for 1 minute or in boiling water for 3 minutes. Why does my WRAPZPAK® become “noisy” after several freezes? The “crackle” noise your WRAPZPAK® may make after several uses is normal. As the polymer bag ages, a thin outer layer seperates. The WRAPZPAK® is not defective, it is just conforming to your body.

Why can’t I just get the WRAPZPAK® and put it right on my skin?

WARNING!!! Due to the nature of the ultra gel, a gel compress can reach temperatures well below freezing (32 degrees). If the gel compress or WRAPZPAK® is not wrapped properly, serious burns (frostbite) or other injuries may occur. The specifically designed WRAPZ® fabric is designed to provide the body with the proper amount of cold/hot therapy by acting as an insulator. The designed fabric pushes temperature down to the skin and whisks moisture away from the body.

My doctor tells me to apply ice for 20 minutes, remove it for 20 minutes and then apply ice again for another 20 minutes. What is the best way to do this?

You will want to get an extra WRAPZPAK®. This way you can have a fresh fully frozen WRAPZPAK® the second time you ice and then continue the process.

HELP!!! My WRAPZPAK® is leaking!!! What should I do?

Don’t worry, the clear or blue gel inside the WRAPZPAK® is non-toxic and easily cleaned with soap and warm water. If you have purchased your WRAPZPAK® within one year place it in a plastic bag and mail it to: WRAPZ, 4247 N. Richmond Street, Chicago, IL 60618. We will mail you a replacement WRAPZPAK® free of charge.

Will the WRAPZPAK® always remain flexible?

Yes, the ultra gel is formulated so that it attains subzero temperatures without freezing solid. The flexible WRAPZPAK® gel bag conforms comfortably to your body parts more easily than ice.

How long will the WRAPZPAK® last and how many times can I reuse it?

The ultra gel can withstand thousands of freeze-thaw cycles and has an unlimited lifetime. As long as the WRAPZPAK® gel bag is properly cared for and remains unpunctured, you and your WRAPZ® may enjoy many happy, pain free years together.