WRAPZ User Instructions


Each of the WRAPZ® products are designed to fit a major muscle or joint.
The user inserts the chilled or heated WRAPZPAK® into the pouch. Follow instructions on the WRAPZPAK® to make the pack cold or hot. Wrap sleeve around the injured area and secure using Velcro fasteners. You are now free to continue your daily lifestyle activities while enjoying the therapeutic features of WRAPZ®.




The WRAPZtote lets you take WRAPZ with you on the road! Throw your WRAPZ in our special "insulated" WRAPZtote and play golf, tennis or go skiing and your WRAPZ is just as cold/hot as when you left your house.


Travel to sporting events with this thermal bag which allows you to carry a variety of two dozen WRAPZ products. Trainers, Little League Coaches and club teams can carry WRAPZ right onto the fields with them for immediate use.
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WRAPZ Caps are 100% organically grown cotton baseball caps. Available in black and purple/black. One size fits all
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WRAPZ T-shirts

This 100% cotton pre-shrunk T-shirt with a spectacular line of sporting graphics lets your friends know that you KEEP IT UNDER WRAPZ!
One size fits all
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